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Question Down the Track Problems

Hi Dr Scoliosis, I had the Dwyers Wire operation in 1987 at age 18 and my main problem at present is difference in leg length which was not picked up by the surgeon that did the operation until about 1995. Since then the difference in leg length has increased over time due to I suppose just wear and tear and of course the main problem is that it is making me look more crooked than I was prior to the operation. I do have a raise on my shoe but it is obviously never going to be the same as having both legs at the same length. I am considering going down the path of having the shorter leg lengthened which is not what my original surgeon is in favour of due to my age. Would you please have some advice for me as raised shoes never seem to be comfortable enough no matter how accurate the measurement is and I still seem to end up with pain in all sorts of areas. Dean