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Talking Re: Surgery Tomorrow!!!

My breathing is ok...but I can't do cardio like I did before the surgeries. When I had my ribs done (2nd op) I did have reduced breathing and conked out really quickly when doing anything at all! I couldn't lay down on my sides at all, gosh the rib thing is sooo painful, it was almost worse than the spinal fusion and the pain seemed to take longer to abate.

The job I have had for the past 13 years is as an art curator/gallery manager at the Art Hotel in Hobart. It is huge job and has been killing me slowly! I've really struggled as the role is demanding physically and I have no staff, so I've hung in there for way too long and so happy I am going. I will finish up at the end of June and will be working at UTAS (art school) casually in admin, which will be great as there is no lifting and no stress. It will also give me lots of time for back massages (which really help scar tissue, which is still pretty gnarly and stiff) and building up core strength.

Your breathing will come back stronger, I am sure. Things get back to a new kind of normal, which is a weird space to be in. My life is now measured in three parts; from birth to 12 (which is when my spine started to curve), from 12 to 48 (traumatic scoliotic period I would rather forget), and post-surgery, when my new life started. Going through surgery does wake you up to what matters xxx
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