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Default Still monitoring - new questions

Well here we are 16 months on from my very first post on this forum.
My daughter is now just about to turn 16. She has been doing Schroth physio which has helped her posture and her awareness of the things that she can do to help. She remains fit and active, playing netball, tennis and gym and is leading a very normal life.
But overall, the curve will still do what it is going to do.
So our recent XRays show double major curve 46 degrees lumbar and 37 degrees thoracic. This is a 4 degrees progression of the lumbar curve and 9 degree progression of the thoracic curve. She has stopped growing now, so the key is, will the curve continue to progress after growth has stopped.
Both the surgeons we have consulted think that it will continue to progress and are recommending surgery.
My daughter complains about her right hip prominence and the asymmetry at the waist, she doesn't have a rib hump though but I have noticed the shoulder blade becoming a bit more prominent. She also gets some low back pain after standing for a long time.
Now to decide - surgery or not???
Of to the specialist tomorrow to discuss all the details and ask lots of questions.
It is also a question of timing with VCE starting next year.
Any advice or comments welcome.
Good luck to all of you going through similiar decisions.
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