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Default Re: Countdown to surgery

Good to hear Dom's coming along well - even the grouchiness is normal! I'm with Rodverta, about the bloods, he might need a top up. But hopefully the food will help.

Little story about a nurse I encountered when I was in hospital. I woke an hour before my meds were due, in pain. I hung out watching the clock till 4, hoping they'd come in on the dot with my meds. I was nearly crying by 4 but nobody came. At 20 past 4 I buzzed. Ten minutes later, crying now, I buzzed again. On the third buzz she flew into the room, banging the door against the wall, with this gem: "Every time I make my toast and a cup of tea you can be sure somebody will buzz!" I was gobsmacked. Should have offered to trade places with her.

I also had some excellent nurses, I should add!

Keep up the updates Annette and I hope every day is a little easier for Dom.
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