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Smile Re: Countdown to surgery

Hi everyone,
My turn for a break from that hospital room! Dom has done amazingly well. Surgery didn't start until after 5pm Monday and he was in recovery at 10pm as Patricia said loving everyone! Nurses complimented us on his upbringing, he said thankyou every time they came in and hurt him. Docs were really happy, had to do less than they thought (they quoted numbers but they are all gone from my head) basically he is only cut on the bottom half, waiting for x-rays but they think they have gone from 60degrees to 15. All better than we could have hoped for, for all the trauma of cancellation last week I just think we were meant to be at this hospital this week.
So day two, three canulas out, ecg wires off, drain out he just has central line in his neck and catheter. Dizzy and nauseous with low blood pressure and pain killers but had a little to eat today. They have sat him on the side of the bed twice, not enjoyable but part of the process. Tomorrow he will be in a chair. Unfortunately we ended up in adult as paediatrics was full so staff probably not as there for him but good. Anyone heading in soon you do need to take note of times they have rolled them etc as easy for it to get away. I was like a mother bear last night as it had been hours, checking then that the wardsman who was coming to help was trained etc. Lack of sleep doesn't
Thanks to all for support. The buildup is the worst but can't help but be worried. Every day gets better from here.
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