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Default Your experience, tips and Xrays concerns

Hi My son will be 2 years old in February, he's got 42 degrees scoliosis currently in his first plaster.
I'm very new to all this and would appreciate to hear your experience with scoliosis in babies, any general( or specific) tips for the future and advice

He had all blood tests and MRI and Xray just before casting
Went for a 5 week check and they wanted to do another Xray on that day and then another 2 weeks before next recasting in 10 more weeks. According to this www:"they should only be done when absolutely necessary. In some cases, that could mean up to 2 - 3 times a year, such as in young children, whose curves can worsen rapidly. "
They want to Xray him at every recasting. There is only one treatment for him which is cast for at least a few years.
And they also wouldn't allow him few days between casts to be cast free. When I asked the doctor why xray him 2 weeks before recasting n not on the day they said curve will not change at all in those 2 weeks yet they wont allow him anytime without a cast. in USA they let kids have some breaks in between to have a bath, swim, heal the skin etc
Any advice would be appreciated!
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