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Default Re: Magnetic Growth Rods

Hi there,
Firstly hi and hoping to hear from you soon. I have sent you a PM. They certainly have done magnetic growth rods here. Having put our daughter through 8 surgeries in 4 years I would definitely research your options. There are HUGE out of pocket expenses that I would look into also. Our thoughts were you cant put a price on a spine! But it is draining financially. I found out about magnetic rods around 6 months after growing rods were put in. So we didn't have an option. We had 2 years of infection but long term antibiotics finally sorted this out. We now have a fantastic correction and its all behind us! Our daughter is 22 weeks after fusion. L1-T3. Went jet-skiing last week, doing 2 km ocean swim next month and competing in surf carnivals. We have been blessed with an amazing surgeon. We initially had 3 opinions before deciding on our surgeon. Its such a big commitment so don't feel bad looking at every option that might make it easier for your whole family! Best wishes Tracy
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