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Default Re: Still monitoring - new questions

Hi Jan,

Good luck with it all. We found our son also had some lower back pain after lots of sports or standing for long periods of time and one hip was sitting higher than the other. He now has his shoe orthotics built up on the side that was sitting lower so both hips are now in line and that has made a huge difference to him. Pain is barely any now and the curvatures are doing well and holding. That might be worth looking into. My son plays a lot of basketball and very sporty and this alignment of the hips has been a major plus for him. His specialist on his first visit addressed this straight up and it has really been beneficial. It can be tricky to find a good orthotist though, luckily we already had a very good orthotist and he has done wonders with the amount of build up he required and the specialist actually dictated the amount required and checks this regularly at every appointment and has it adjusted if need be.

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