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Hello all. I am the Dad of a 3yo with severe scoliosis. I started noticing her left rhomboid muscle was bulging out when she was about 6 months old. No one else in the family thought it was anything to worry about except me. I even mentioned it to the family Dr who said it will even out when she starts crawling. Then it become it will even out when she starts walking. Then at about 1yo he said her spine is curved. We where sent to the a hospital spinal unit and they monitored it for awhile. Then she was made a brace at 2yo. Now she is in a full body cast as her last check up showed her spine check up showed her spine had gone from 65 to 90 in a year.

We had a lot of trouble keeping her in the brace as she hated it and as she got older could take it off herself. We would often find it laying around the house and her Kindy teachers told us they would find it laying around the playground! We could only keep it on her for 5-6 hours on a good day so I guess that is why it wasn't working. So it is easier having her in the body cast, we don't have to battle to keep it on her at least. But the poor kid misses out on swimming/pool activities as well as baths/showers.

I found this site and thought I would join up to talk with others in the same situation.


Hello everybody

I thought I would give an update on my little girl. We had an update at the hospital today. She is now on her 3rd cast and her curve has gone from 99 to 75 on the X-ray 8 weeks or so after the first cast. And today it was 64 from the X-ray done at the change of the second cast. They didn't do an X-ray on the 3rd cast or today so I don't have a current angle but it should be even lower then that as the 64 was from her X-ray from about 10 weeks ago now.
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