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Default Re: No private health care

Hi Joey my heart goes out to you as it brings up so many initial worries of my own. We live in country NSW and after seeing a surgeon in Sydney , privately we wanted to get a second opinion so was referred to a dr in Brisbane that only operates in the public system. She was put on the waiting list and we were told there was around a 3 mth wait. That was oct . In the mean time I was told the name of another great surgeon in brisi who operates private and public. When we rang him we can't get an appointment till jan 10 with him but he has seen her X-rays and classed her catagory 1. In the mean time we have received an op date in the public system on jan29. So for us we have probably got through the public system quicker. We still aren't 100 percent sure which way we are going! It wouldn't hurt you to follow both paths to see what becomes available 1st or just go with the surgeon your the most comfortable with. It is very stressful . My thoughts are with you all. Cheryl
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