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Default Re: No private health care

Hi Joey,
my daughter had surgery i Melbourne on 28th June. We live in country WA. In WA it doesn't make any difference if you have private health cover as they only do the surgery in a public hospital. The wait in Perth was at least 16 months in the public system. My daughter's respiration was already being compromised by the 63 degree thoracic curve. We went to Victoria and had the best care ever. Fees do vary between states and surgeons if you go private. We were told that if we went public in WA medicare would cover it all (and believe me( it__all) is a huge amount as we have seen from HBF statements).
Your surgeon should be able to give you a quote if you do decide to go private and get a loan. Incidentally, my daughter has made a wonderful recovery and has no post surgical pain at all.
Good luck,
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