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I found that the morphine pump (not sure technical name) was removed too soon after my lumbar correction/fusion in 2010 and I was reluctant to take the Endone that was offered at the hospital as I'd heard there could be awful side effects (my GP explained later that those severe reactions usually happen to the elderly). Anyway, because of my lack of information about this I put up with far more pain than was necessary. After complaining about the pain, my specialist actually told the nurses to put me back on the morphine (I think that was post op day 3) which I stayed on for another day or so. I was released from hospital after a week and saw my GP for pain management. At first she was reluctant to put me on Endone as I gather she'd had other patients who had trouble coming off this strong medication. When Panandeine Forte, Tramal etc didn't do enough I returned to the GP with my husband for support. I then used Endone for a week or so keeping in mind my GP's warning about how difficult it is to come off if used for a prolonged period.

There seemed to be so much more post op pain compared to my last major spinal surgery in 1969 (when I was 13). If I ever need another surgery (i'm hoping not) i will be more assertive about what I need and also encourage my husband to be more assertive as well if I'm feeling too unwell to communicate effectively eg during my night in ICU. Hope that information helps anyone with questions about pain. I felt very alone at the time and wish there had been a forum like this to talk with.
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