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Default Re: Surgery locked in

Hi Magic,
Glad to hear your daughters surgery went well, each day should get easier from here although you will still have your 'ups and downs'.

Rach was a bit nervous coming home and adjusting to a new environment and we had to get a bit creative in how we handled certain things. She was much more comfortable sleeping on her side and became quite dependant on the bed railings in her hospital bed for security and also to help her move if she had to. Obviously her bed at home doesn't have these so we barricade her in each night with 3 dining chairs (backs against her bed) She feels safer and also uses them to pull herself up if she has to. She is still using them 3 weeks later.

Also, my husband got her a shower chair/toilet raiser (can be used for both) which has been well worth it. The first 2 weeks it was great for the toilet although she could have got by with out it. Using it in the shower though has been fantastic. She likes that she can sit down, its less tiring and safer and it is much easier for me to wash her, especially her hair. (I am still helping her shower) A plastic chair would work the same. We managed to get our toilet/shower chair for $45 from a local home care supplier. It was returned stock but unused. Worth every cent!

Lastly, we had some walkie talkies at home which we used. They have a chime button which was really handy. Initially I slept in her sisters bed in the same room (her sister was staying with grandparents). If Rach needed me she could wake me by pressing the chime button.
The nights where I didn't sleep in the room with her she could contact me if she needed me as I had one next to my bed. A baby monitor would work too. Again, you could make do without but it gave us extra piece of mind but as I said, we already had these at home I didn't purchase them especially.

Hope all continues to go well
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