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Default Re: Surgery locked in

Oh, that is tough, why the delay? Hard when all your focus is getting to that date and then you have to hold on. Dom's recovery was great, initially bad in hospital ten days instead of seven (still think that was partly due to bad care- you really need to stand up for them at times). Then he just hasn't looked back, he had morphine for the 2.5hour trip home and then after that only about four panadol which I forced on him. He needed help for the first week or so getting on and off the toilet, dried and dressed after a shower, in and out of bed and then was slowly able to do all that himself. Some much needed dignity returning for a 15 year old boy!!! His attitude was always great though he just knew at the time it needed to be done.
Probably the main pain he has experienced since has been at the bone graft site. Not enough to need painkillers but stops him wearing his favourite denim shorts as it irritates the scar. Something I wouldn't have thought about. I think he gets a bit tired at times as it is just a bit more effort to do things but he never complains. Our main problem was holding him back from activity until he had the all clear from the surgeon.
I think we have been very lucky, remember too that kids bounce back much more than we do. When you get there you will be amazed just how quickly she will go from unwell to well. Just remember that in the early days!
Take care
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