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Default Re: Waiting for a surgery date

Hi Sonia,
The waiting is just the worst. Our experience with Dominic in Sydney seemed to be similar...Went in to appointments, signed consent forms believing that we would be given a surgery date as it was necessary only to be told he was now on the waiting list and it would be up to 18 months. So hard when you watch them getting worse and just how it does your head in waiting. After four months we went over to the private system (we do have health insurance fortunately) and ironically had the same two surgeons as we would have had through the public system!? Just with $$$ in gaps. I remember the secretary telling me at the time of planning "Not to plan our lives around this". Bit hard when at the time it is all consuming, as well as on the practical side you have to do a bit of planning with work and home. Sounds like you are doing a good job of making sure Rachael is going okay, look after yourself as well and here's hoping you get in sooner just for peace of mind.
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