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Default Re: Waiting for a surgery date

Thanks Lyn for sharing your experience. I am sorry to hear that your daughter had to wait so long and that things had progressed so much while you had to wait. I can imagine your frustration and anger. After reading your story I will definitely be contacting the hospital if I notice any significant increase in Rachaels' curvature. Fortunately it has not progressed significantly in the last couple of months. Hopefully that will continue. As to asking questions, it seems to always be after your appointment that you think of more things to ask no matter how prepared you are before the appointment. We never thought we would be waiting more than a few months (based on what the surgeon told us) so you don't think to ask about waiting lists. What state are you in? we are in Adelaide, we have only 2 scoliosis surgeons here so there is a wait especially since they work as a team and only do 2 a month. They probably have their own private list as well.
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