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Smile Re: Post-op questions

Originally Posted by Lucyharry68 View Post
Hi Chrissy,

I'm 10 weeks post t6-l2 surgery.

So we have a lot in common at the moment!!

I'm doing the same as you- sleeping in my back, walking as exercise but I am going back to work next week to see how I go for a few hrs.

Hi, Linda!

So glad to hear from you -- I feel like I have no perspective on my recovery, as I don't know anyone who has had scoliosis correction surgery (fusion, rods, etc.). It sounds like you are ahead of me in that you are returning to work so soon! I'm a teacher, and I don't even know if I'll be able to go full-time in September, when the school year starts. That's almost two months from now! Today, I was able to walk for about 45 minutes (and navigate the three flights of stairs to and from my apartment). I'm still in a fair amount of pain - mostly leg at this point (hip and sciatica complications from the surgery). Are you still experiencing pain? I feel like they are expecting me to be back to "normal" sooner than I can imagine! If you have time, can you fill me in on your progress re pain (back, abdomen, legs)? Thanks ahead of time!

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