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Angry Re: magnetic growth rods

Hi Katrina,

You poor thing! I am so sorry to hear that as I thought it would be behind you and over & done with. As if its not hard enough gearing up for it with your daughters medical history. I know that everyone gets sick. I get that. But what I don't understand is they should have bed ready in ICU as the surgery is booked in? If they know your coming why haven't you automatically got a bed? Please explain why that is? No wonder your cranky! We have never had that problem? Does it work different if you are public or private? That is just so mentally draining on your whole family! What if you get there next month and they do the same? Meanwhile your baby is in pain and confused. That is just so unfair! This is a lengthy process with growing rods and on-going surgeries. Theres at least 8 surgeries. What if they all get postponed due to bed availability? I shudder to think in a brand new massive hospital that this is happening. Hang in there Katrina.
Sending hugs to you and your princess
Tracy x
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