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Default Re: magnetic growth rods

Hi Tracy,
I thought I would update you on Kaitlyn's operation, her operation was meant to be at 7:30am yesterday morning and the Doctors came to her bedside at 8:30am to say sorry there is bad news we have had to cancel Kaitlyn's operation because one of her surgeon's are at home sick with gastro plus there is no Icu bed available for after Kaitlyn has her operation, I went mad because this always seems to happen every time Kaitlyn is booked in to have an op they never have an icu bed and the op gets cancelled, they can't put an icu bed aside for Kaitlyn's op we just find out on the day if one is available.
Kaitlyn's new operation date is 20th July as that is the only date both her Surgeon's are operating and Kaitlyn has to get admitted the day before on the 19th.
I just wish it was all over I am so stressed thinking about it.
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