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Default Re: magnetic growth rods

Hi battlehead,

OMG! Is it this Monday? My name is Tracy and our daughter had growing rods for 4 years. She had definitive fusion last August at 13 yrs 9 months. We got a fabulous correction and couldn't be happier with the final result. This came with infection however and long term-antibiotics. 4 times a day for years. The infection would open up on scar-line and require dressing until next surgery when it would be flushed out. Im not trying to put you off, but considering your options would be my advice. Monday is only 2 days away! My heart breaks for you!

With growing rods they do lengthenings every 6 months, not 4. You can push that out to 9 depending on how growing is at the time. Theres a rapid growth time which usually goes for around 2 years (for us was around 10.5-12.5 years) then it slows down. What are The degrees involved and is there any way you can put it off another year? Theres only so many lengthenings in growing rods. Around 7, so 1 set of growing rods might not get you through till the end of growing? As far as I know we are the only ones who are on this forum with growing rods and theres none with magnetic rods. JIS is quite rare in Australia. Also to have magnetic rods...don't quote me...but you have to be eligiable. With underlying medical conditions you may meet the criteria.

Magnetic is what I would have opted for if we had the choice, but the first magnetic rods here were done after our daughter had the growing rods put in. At the end of the day we just want whats best for our kids. If that means a little more time to research your options. Then so be it. You need to be happy and well-informed going into this long journey and have 100% confidence in your surgeon. Have you spoken to your surgeon about magec rods? Ive private messaged you.

All the very best
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