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Default Re: Boston or Spincor for 6 year old

Hi Tes, so sorry you are having to go through this. I personally don't have experience with the Boston Brace, however I suggest you get a second opinion. We have discovered that Australia is way behind Europe in bracing options. Our public hospitals still only use the Boston brace which I feel is outdated with the fastening at the back which makes it difficult for the child to manage it themselves. I questioned why is this so and why can't it be made to open at the front? I was told our orthotists have not been trained this way? There are plenty of orthotists around the world who make braces and they open from the front not the back. How about Australia spends some much needed funds on training our orthotists to make it as easy as possible for our children to manage their scoliosis with less stress? In regards to the spinecor brace it may be that your childs curvatures may not be suited to it, my understanding from our specialist is that it is quite effective for mild curvatures but moderate or severe is another matter and it really depends on their case. It was not suitable for our child who has moderate curves. I would definitely go with another opinion as it going to be approximately 8 years of your child's life having to wear a brace so comfort and flexibility is paramount and as you say it will restrict certain activities that the spinecore wont. I am happy to speak with you via personal message if you would like some information I would be more than happy to supply you with our specialist and his details if you want to get another opinion. Leigh.
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