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Default Re: 12 year old having surgery in Jan

Victoria's first few steps today. Amazing achievement considering surgery was only a few days ago. So pleased to get to this stage, we were blessed to have a Surgeon that took control and advised the correct people and have the right measures in place for Victorias after care. And surprisingly did not need to have any discs removed from her spine, as the previous Dr wanted to do over a 2 day operation, whereas this time it was performed in 6 hours.
A rainbow was showing outside the Hospital while she was in Theatre, which was a sign to us that she was in good hands this time.
There really are Guardian angels watching over Victoria. Finding trust and faith in a Dr is one of the biggest hurdles with any operation, especially when it comes to your children.
Victoria now has all connecting tubes removed and only on tablets for pain relief. The Hospital staff are some of the most caring people you will ever find. Thanks.
Vics dad. Brett
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