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Default Re: New guy to the forum

i'm paige, i'm from melbourne, too
i'm nearly eighteen as well, although i had my spinal fusion just over two years ago. however, i'm probably not the best person to be dishing out advice or anything as two years later, i'm still undergoing physio every three weeks as a result of constant back discomfort/pain. i was diagnosed with adoescent idiopathic scoliosis in august 2006 and had my spinal fusion on 26 november, 2007. i had a double curve, and at the time of my operation, my thoracic curve was 65+* and my lumbar was 38.5*; i am fused from T5-T11. i think i'm now around 20* approx., i've never actually been given a definite degree. generally speaking, my actual stay in hospital was a breeze - my surgeon & physio actually told me i had recovered one of the best they had ever seen, except for my second night in hospital, where it was discovered i'm allergic to morphine. i hope you're not, because having your back just sliced open and then throwing your guts up is quite frankly the worst feeling ever. i was in hospital for a week, and now i've been told that i appear to have recovered too well, too quickly because of the pain i'm now experiencing two years later.

but don't let that throw you off. from the time of my diagnosis to the time of my surgery, i researched and researched scoliosis and the procedure of the fusion. if you have not already, i strongly suggest you do that as it will eliminate any fears you may have. it is a daunting experience, but it definitely is not as bad as you may expect.

hope that helps, at all.
any questions or if you just want to chat, don't hesitate
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