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Default Re: What do Mum's do?

Yes he was tired and grumpy for the first few days post-op, particularly when he transferred to oral meds from the button. He really didn't want anyone talking to him, or even us talking to someone else in the room. In reality he slept most of the time until day 4 post-op. Now he is home and the meds are pretty settled, his sense of humour has returned and he is much happier. He can roll himself over in bed and now spends most of his time during the day sat up (once we found a chair he could sit in). He is now 2 weeks post-op and managing his pain pretty well - the main pain he is getting is from his ribs after rather than his spine which apparently is quite common. He is still taking OxyContin as his main med with top ups of tramadol when needed - once a day at the most usually as he'd rather have a little pain than feel the effects of too many drugs.
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