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Default Re: What do Mum's do?

My husband and I had the week of surgery off with the expectation we would share the load. In reality, my son only wanted me around for the first few days post-op so my husband visited during the day and was at home at night for our other son. I have taken 3 weeks off work and my husband will then be off for 2 weeks - that takes us up to the school holidays when I'll be off anyway. Although its early days yet, we're expecting our son will be back at school at the beginning of term 4 but this may be part- time at first so will need help getting to and from school ( he normally has a 20 min walk plus train journey so we're not sure how he'll cope with that). Our son was also medicated out for the first few days and didn't want visitors around until 4 days post-op and even then 30 mins was enough. He spent a lot of time in hospital asleep. Once we got home he began to progress rapidly. Yesterday was the first day he hasn't slept during the day. He is walking around the house and up/down stairs well and walks about 250m comfortably.
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