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Default Re: What do Mum's do?

My daughter was fused T4-L1 just over 11 weeks ago.
We left the hospital while she was in surgery, went and picked our other children up from school, came home, had dinner and waited for the call from the surgeon to say he was finished.
Once she was in intensive care, we went back to the hospital and spent a couple of hours with her before coming home. Back in early the next morning. She was moved to the ward at about 11am.
From then until she was discharged five days after surgery, either my husband or I was with her the whole time. My husband did the nights.
I had to help her get out of bed, go to the toilet, shower etc for the first few days. Even once home, we needed to help her turn in bed at night and shower for a few days.
The time went VERY quickly and she recovered incredibly fast. Can't quite believe how she is now, not even three months later.
Good luck with it. We had an overwhelmingly positive experience and wish you the same.
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