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Smile Re: What do Mum's do?

Hi Kelly,
It's all very fresh in my mind, as my son is 10 days post-op. He had the surgery last Monday and came home on Sunday.
His first night was spent in ICU and we went home late that night, returning early in the morning. From then on in, I was with him 24/7 throughout his stay in hospital. He had a room to himself (private patient) and I had a sofa bed at the side of the bed. There was very little sleep going on for either of us the first few nights due to meds being administered, obs by the nurses and needing to roll him regularly from his back to his side etc. Once the nurse had rolled him a few times and showed me how to help him, I took over that side of things.
The physio visited on day 2 and had him sitting up for the first time, day 3 he took his first steps with a frame and day 4 he was walking without the frame. The physio only visited twice a day, so I was helping him get in and out of a chair and walking with him a few times a day. The nurses were there when needed but encouraged me to be hands on, which is what my son wanted too.
Good luck with the surgery and feel free to ask any questions that come to mind
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