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Default Re: Surgery sooo worth it.

hello to all,
firstly Lynn good luck with the doctors visit, hope you get all the info you need, remember to focus on the positive, the pre-op can be tiring and I remember walking away still concerned. just trust the doctors and yourself that this is the best thing for Laura. please keep us informed of your progress.

Tracy thanks for your message, our kids truly are champions. it's just over 3 weeks and she is very mobile and has been for the last week or so. although she tires very easily and needs to rest often. the school visit was great, there was quite a commotion and she loved every minute of it, even mentioned how different everything looked from her new height. it's honestly hard to believe that everything has gone so well, I'm putting it down to her positive attitude going into the surgery. I originally had so much fear and doubt because my daughter always had a a low tolerance to pain and would scream the house down over a paper cut, I suppose she's grown up.

cheers to all
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