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Default Re: Surgery sooo worth it.

Hi Sue,

That's fab news about her regained height. She must be feeling very willowy at the moment! (You do get used to it, I gaind almost 2 inches.)

In answer to your questions. I don't normally feel the rods, but if I lean against something hard - a wall or a chair-back - I can feel the screws/rods (not sure which) at the top. When I'm tired, I can still occasionally feel a slight tugging when I reach up or forwards. But I have no pain and it's not something I really notice much now. I feel as though the hardware is part of me now, not some foreign object threatening to turn me into a robot! <laughing emoticon>

My surgery was around 8 hours and I guess I started to feel normal at about 3 months. By six months, most definitely, but the improvements in flexibility continue and I'm nearly 2 years post-op now. Teens are way ahead of us oldies in that they feel 100% much sooner.

It's awesome, isn't it?
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