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Default Re: Surgery sooo worth it.

Jen I forgot to mention that she is now 5cm taller, no wonder they are dizzy when they first get up, the eyes and brain need to adjust to seeing thing from a different height and angle. She was standing on day 3, a few steps on day 4 and doing laps in the corridors on day 6. As for the lower curve, not sure if it is compensatory and what the angle is, I saw the x-ray just before we left the hospital and haven't spoken with doctor about it, we will know more at the 6 week appt. She says she has strange feelings in her back and can definately feel the rods, did you experience this? I know I've read it in one of your posts, but how long ago was your surgery and when did you feel normal? I'm concerned that dd is doing to much before the bone grafts heal.
Hope you are feeling great.
regards Sue
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