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Default Surgery sooo worth it.

Hi everybody,

My daughters surgery is over and we are home from the hospital. all my fears were for nothing, everything went really well and she is now fused from t5 to t12. The first few days were hard and she had a lot of pain but as everybody has already said, they recover really quickly and it has been uphill from there with a few bumps along the way of course. We were quite concerned when we first saw her in recovery after surgery, she was very disorientated and the ketamine she was given did very strange things to her. She still has a small lower curve and slightly uneven hips but they achieved excellent correction at the fusion area. One shoulder is a little higher but the protruding rib is gone and her back is beautifully straight. We came home late on day 6, she was adamant to come home that day but we had to wait for bowel motion and an enema did the trick.
It's such a shame that we cant mention hospitals and doctors, I am so pleased, we had the best care, those people are really amazing.
DD was stiff for a few days after we came home but now nearly 2 weeks post op she is moving quite freely and doesn't seem to be having to much pain. In fact she's moving so well you would never know she had surgery so recently. Is this normal? I expected her to be worse than she is, our gp said she was way ahead of where she should be in terms of recovery, almost too good to be true, hope nothing goes wrong later.
To anyone considering surgery for a teenager, go for it, it is definately worth it, so far at least.
cheers Sue
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