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Default Re: 39 degree scoliosis

In my personal experience, not having surgery has turned out to be the correct decision, but I have no idea whether my experience is typical or not - it's possible that I have just been incredibly lucky.
My curve was last measured at about 43 degrees, in 1971 when I was 13 . Surgery was recommended, but I refused.
My curve has almost certainly increased a little since then but I have had no significant problems with my back. I get mild aches in my back, but I don't think they are any worse than what people with "normal" backs experience. I've had 4 or 5 instances of what I consider to be "real" back pain (i.e. bad enough to take an aspirin), 2 of which were caused by lifting heavy objects badly, all lasted less than a week.
I don't experience any problems with breathing during normal activities. Really vigorous exercise does leave me gasping for breath, but that's probably because I do it so rarely!
Remember, deciding against surgery for the moment, doesn't mean your daughter can't have surgery later on if necessary - just make sure she continues to be monitored so that if her curve does increase significantly it will be detected.

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