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Default Losing Height

Hi Everyone,

It's been ages since I posted and hope you are all doing well. We're pretty quiet on the forum lately but I'm hoping someone may have some advice.

For the past few days I've been measuring my height morning and night, and on average lose about an inch or more during the day. Most days are really busy for me and just can't get a break, let alone lay down, so I know it is probably due to my back just giving up. It's freaking me out quite a bit.

My spine is fused T4 to L1 but it is my lumbar spine that is giving me pain. It becomes quite numb at times and I can tell via my clothes and how I am when I lie down that it is a bit more curved.

I'm going to amp up my exercises and hope to find some relief by having more muscle strength, and up my meds also.

Anyone else had/having similar issues?

Christine xxx
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