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Default Seeking advice for Surgical pathways

Hi, I wrote a bio/intro and popped it into meet & greet so won't repeat it here- M46-Melb based. You all seem well versed in the 'technical' aspects of your respective conditions, unfortunately I am not but need to address my scoliosis as it is now impacting my life daily, restricting motion and mood! My GP doesn't really know what to do, X-rays just say "extreme curvature blah blah but don't have any kind of clinical measurements etc. I've been referred to an Ortho at the end of the month but looking at his website discloses he isn't any kind of spinal specialist per se... where to start? Perhaps if I get a 'short list' of ortho's that have performed corrective surgery I can secure the appropriate referral.. I don't what to go from one specialist to another as I really find it difficult to take them into confidence.... if ANYONE could PM any advice on how I can empower my GP to send me to the right place/person... thanks in advance.
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