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Default Re: 7+ Years Post-op

Hey Grace
My daughter under went surgery yesterday ( posteira T5 - L1).
It's great to hear you have made a full recovery, which is why we've gone ahead with my daughters surgery.
She's 14 and were advised to go ahead quite quickly as things would be better if she had surgery before she's finished growing. Her curve was 50 degrees and getting worse. She's a fully healthy, sporty young lady and we wanted to keep it that way so to hear your reply helps a great deal.
Yesterday was very traumatic for my wife and I, and quite frankly a day I've been dreading for some time.
My daughter is now doing well in recovery and although I appreciate its a long road to recovery hearing story's such as your own helps me a great deal, and also helps me in believing we all made the correct decision to go ahead with surgery.
I've found the advise and story's on other threads on this website invaluable at this difficult time.

Kind regards
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