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Default Re: 7+ Years Post-op

Originally Posted by NaomiU View Post
Hi everyone,

I've been super keen to start a new thread in order to help anyone who needs it whether it be by answering questions or offering advice on surgery and/or bracing.

You will probably be happy to know that I am a 20 year old female who has been Scoliosis free (free from any progression!) since 2007 and is now a fully functional, non-impaired and happy individual. I'm new to the forum and my goal is to help people the same way other people helped me.

My pre-op story and spinal curvatures are detailed below.

I was diagnosed at 28 degrees in my thoracic spine when I was 7 years old after having chest x-rays for pneumonia. By the time I was 8, an old orthopaedic surgeon in WA (now retired) opted for me to go into a brace. My parents declined his early/harsh intervention.

From here I frequently had appointments with a new (and renowned) orthopaedic surgeon in WA (cannot name surgeon due to site regulations but please personal message me if you are interested). By the time I was 11 my curve had progressed to 50+ degrees in my thoracic spine and 20 degrees in my lumbar spine. I was put into a Boston brace almost immediately and wore this 22 hours a day which covered my whole torso from my chest to my bottom.

The brace was given to me in hope of slowing down my scoliosis before the surgery date, it was never intended as an alternative to surgery, although this did not go as planned. Even though I was extremely disciplined in wearing my brace (sometimes for more than 22 hours/day) my curve progressed to 68 degrees in the thoracic spine and 35 in the lumbar spine with spinal rotation (to put visually, I had a very very significant hump or "protruding" right rib-cage - and still do to this day). During brace treatment I received very intense physio/chiro 4 days per week and had a strict exercise program that I followed 7 days per week for a year which was VERY beneficial - I was originally supposed to be fused to L3 although the flexibility of my spine was remarkable and fusion occurred only to L2 (saving the fusion of 2 vertebrae is quite an achievement). I had my surgery in 2007 at 12 years of age and am now fused from T2-L2.

I do not regret surgery one bit. It was the best decision my parents ever made for me and if I was to make the choice myself, I would do the exact same!

Today I am a fully functional university student studying physiotherapy (funnily enough Scoliosis may have been one of the reasons I started studying PT).

I am happy to answer ANY questions you have regarding ANY part of your journey through scoliosis.

Hi Naomi,

I'm new to this thread also as my fourteen year old daughter has just been advised to have a spinal fusion on her thoracic curve ( 48/49 degrees i think, including a spinal rotation ) of the lower numbered L vertibrae only. She also has a lumber curve ( not sure to the degree) as We are just getting a full understanding of her condition.

Her scoliosis was only diagnosed in January when a friend of hers noticed her shape while they were changing clothes ( one of her shoulder blades protrudes and one of her shoulders sits lower than the other.
When my wife took her to the doctor and she got her to do the bend over test her condition was immediately noticeable. This is something we as parents had never noticed and upsets me greatly.

We then saw a specialist in January who had her X-rayed and measured her curve and height. We were then told to revisit in four months to see if the curve was getting worse. When I saw the X-ray I couldn't believe it was her spine I was looking at.

We have recently returned to the specialist where her thoracic curve was measured again and diagnosed worse to the degree mentioned above. At this point we were advised to go through with surgery while she's still growing to avoid problems in later life. This has been hard to take as she lives a totally normal sporting life at present and suffers little pain if any.

After reading up on what surgery involves this has left us devastated to be honest. Reading your story has made myself feel a lot better about my daughters situation for which I thank you.

My daughter seems to be taking everything well and is not looking forward to time off school and missing out on things with her friends if anything.

At present its looking like her surgery may go ahead not long into June ( the sooner the better said the surgeon) as she's not got much growing left and is also booked to travel overseas later in the year.

We've been advised that her immediate recovery time ( school time missed) should be about six weeks.

How did your recovery go?
How did your insertion heal?
Is there anything your unable/advised not to do now?

I hope you don't mind me asking you questions and would it be possible to ask you more as they come up in the near Future?

Many thanks from a very worried father
Kind regards
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