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Default Re: Surgery decision

Hello again!

I can definitely understand that gradually increasing pain would make you lean towards having the surgery, even though your curve is not huge. I knew I had scoliosis for a long time but always thought it was mild and never had problems until I started having more and more pain and discovered this huge curve out of the blue. So I had two reasons, pain and worsening severe curve.

It's great you can work from home and that you have lots of support. You will need it!!! And you will need a decent break from work even if you can work from home because you are going to feel so fatigued! But things do get better and quite quickly I must say. I'm still not back at work and won't be for a while due to the nature of my job.

If you are in Melbourne chances are we are seeing the same person. We are not supposed to disclose names here but I will send you a pm ok?

Good luck with everything, and I'm sure you will look fine in your bridesmaid dress, most people could not tell had a big scoliosis unless they knew what to look for
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