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Default Re: Surgery decision

Hi Jules!

Thank you so much for your response! My head has been spinning since Friday and it was nice to hear from someon who has just been through it! Your information is so helpful and real, I definitely don't expect the hospital stay would be easy or comfortable! But I am glad to hear the op went well and you are recovering well too!

I know my curve at around 40 degrees is usually considered minor but due to the amount of pain I have and the decompensating top curve I am really leaning towards getting the surgery. And can definitely appreciate that waiting and putting it off would make it worse! I am a bridesmaid in March so that's my waiting point. Unfortunately the lovely dress cinches in at the hips so my scoli hip will definitely stand out on the day!

I work for my family business and even though the commute is an hour, it is flexible enough for me to work from home for 3 months and ease back into it after that. My parents only live five minutes away and my partner lives with me so I have a lot of support.

Your scar sounds like it goes a long way on both sides! I wonder if that is due to the size of your curve... Do you mind pm'ing me who your surgeon was, I think you are from Melbourne and I'm just curious

I will definitely be taking you up on the questions and talking over the next few months!

Thanks again
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