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Default Re: Surgery decision

Hi Chloe! I'm fresh from surgery, only 8 weeks post op. I'm in my mid 30s so older than you and I had a 68o curve and was fused from T11 to L3, anterior fusion as well. The first 2 weeks I stayed in hospital and it was not nice. I felt horrible for a number of reasons. Having said that the hospital experience tends to be extremely different amongst scoliosis patients, some don't mind it that much, others have more issues. But I'm feeling much much better now!

Anyways, you were talking about the scar as a result of an anterior approach. It's not really anterior (at the front) but lateral actually. Mine is fairly long and it starts almost on my groin o the left side. It then spirals upwards, going from the front to the back, and stops below where my left shoulder blade ends. I hope you get the picture. So most of it is actually on your side.

I'm recovering well. My surgeon only asks for another X-ray on the 3 month follow up visit so we still don't know how much correction I got but my back looks so much straighter! My rib hump is gone and I have a waist again now! I'm weaning off my pain meds really well, only one to go now. I still feel very fatigued and need lots of rests during the day. I have to pace myself and do one thing at a time, then rest. But now I rest much less and am able to do much more than before.

I waited more than one year for my surgery due to personal circumstances and it was not very nice. It was like I was in limbo. So if you have decided don't leave it for long. If you are planning to have it done in April I think that's a very reasonable time to get yourself psychologically and physically prepared for it and also to plan things in terms of work and support because you will need support from family or friends.

I love to talk so if you want to ask anything else even if you think it's silly just send me a pm or write here and I will answer.

Take care,
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