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Question Surgery decision

Hey all,

Well it has been a year and a half since I posted last about my pain getting worse. I've been doing personal training and still seeing Physio and osteo but i am still managing 24/7 pain even if it is less intense than it was 2 years ago.

I have finally found a surgeon that I trust and had an appointment yesterday after getting a few more X-rays and a bone scan. I have a 40 degree lower curve and an 18 degree upper curve. He has explained to me that my top curve is decompensating and believes it will continue to do this. This I think means it is straightening out and as my head is already not centred over my pelvis, this could result in more visible deformity and arthritis down the track! He has also agreed that I have tried a lot of alternate methods and with my pain and age (24yrs) it would seem most beneficial to do the surgery. He plans T11-L3 anterior fusion.

If I decide to go ahead it would probably be around April next year. I am terrified but it is also exciting to have the possibility that I won't be in pain 24/7 down the track!

Has anyone had a similar fusion done as an adult? Would love to hear stories. I am also interested in seeing photos of anterior scars as everything on Google is posterior! He said the scar would go from the back where my 10th rib starts around to my belly button! The thought of a scar across my stomach is daunting!

Would love to hear all your experiences! Thanks

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