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Default Re: 7+ Years Post-op

Thanks Naomi,
it is wonderful to hear about how people are going several years after surgery. It sounds like yours has been a real success story and definitely something that you had to do.
My daughter who is 16 had scoliosis surgery in November 2014 so she is almost 6 months post op now. She is also doing really well, sometimes I can't believe just how well she is doing living a very normal life of a 16 year old. She is still restricted in her return to sport, but we are hoping that at the 6 month review her surgeon will OK her for light jogging. She feels comfortable, is moving well, she can even touch her toes! She has built in good posture now and notices that she can't slump now, that is the only thing. Apart from that, she has occasional pain in her ribs, but it is infrequent now.
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