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Default Re: Return to school and travel

Hi, how's the school been going?
My son was pretty slow to get back then needed to have days at home every 2-3 days I think. For the year he ended up with 75% attendance rate and that was after surgery 3rd week in feb.
Take it slow and don't worry or push too much, it will happen with time and the schoolwork is not as important as health and happiness.
Used dad's overnight wheely suitcase for school, friends helped carry tablet. Got small backpack by 4th term. This year he has a double set of second hand books (in locker at school and at home) and doesn't use tablet, just USB, much better. He also has casual job as cashier in supermarket, plays frisbee in spare time at school! Still gets sore legs and back after long hours but is pretty good generally.
Hope that helps. It's a worrying time for you I know.
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