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Default Re: Return to school and travel

Hi there. I just asked my daughter who returned to school full time six weeks after her posterior-only T4-L1 fusion, about 14 months ago.
She said she took the lift at school for a couple of weeks (if that's an option for your son). She also had a comfortable chair given to her by teachers and she asked her friends to carry things for her.
She caught the public bus to and from school from the day of her return as we had no other way of getting her there, so we ensured she did not carry text books (most were on her laptop anyway, so it was not an issue). She was also exempted from PE lessons for the term.
As she was in Year 8, the majority of her lessons were in the same classroom, so she didn't have to move about too much during the day. When she did, her friends ensured no one got too close to avoid her being bumped.
She was not taking any pain medication at the time.
She re-adjusted to school very quickly and I eventually stopped worrying about her every single day!
No experience with travel insurance, sorry.
Good luck to your son. I am sure he will also readjust very quickly.
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