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Default Return to school and travel

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone is going ok.

Our son is Post op 8 weeks anterior fusion and 7 weeks posterior fusion. He is returning to school for a few hours tomorrow.

Does anyone have any tips. He is worried about the amount of stairs the school has and being bumped in the playground and how he is going to sit in a school chair. Any practical tips would be appreciated. Eventually he will have to catch the bus, but for now we will be his ride to and from school. Which will be a bit of a juggling act.

We are no longer taking the Targin, just panadol and Lyrica.

Also, we are travelling to New Zealand to cruise in January and have been looking at Travel Insurance. It mentions Pre-existing conditions and one of these is spinal surgery. HAs anyone obtained travel insurance for a trip and if as can you advise who you used. A PM is ok.

Thanks again.
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