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Default Re: My rods are broken!!!! Update

Hi all,
I saw my surgeon today for review of the xrays I had last week. We compared the initial CT scan, the bone scan and the last plain xray. He concluded that, the rods may have been broken for some time and that the sneeze merely set off the pain by aggravating them, but that the 'crack' that I heard may well have been the fusion that broke. I asked him if he thought that my fall last year may have contributed to the rods breaking. He said that it was a possibility, but that he would only be theorising. He said it is very uncommon for rods to break this far down the track (5 years). He said normally if they are going to break, they will in the first year. We have decided to wait until March 27th, to see if my pain improves and to see if there is any sign of the fusion healing itself. He said that if the fusion could heal itself in the right position, I would not need to have surgery to remove the rods (unless they were causing me a lot of pain like now) as they are only there to help the fusion. He said he is in no rush to put me through surgery, as although it is not like the initial surgery, it is still a long process. If I do go to surgery, he will remove all my old hardware and replace it with shorter rods, as I will only need the rods in the area that the spine needs to fuse. I am willing to give it the time it needs although it will be hard on me financially. We have tentatively booked surgery for March 31st but he said I could keep moving the date if I thought I was getting some improvement and hopefully cancel the surgery. Fingers crossed. Will keep you posted.
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