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Default Re: What do Mum's do?

Hi Kellylaree,
The hard part about trying to keep up with school work is that the time kids can sit up for after the surgery is limited especially if there are lumbar vertebrae included in the fusion. I read things to my daughter to help her and she dictated some answers for me to type. I also took a total of 6 weeks off work (plus the 2 weeks of school hols as I am a teacher) so i was able to help her immensely with catching up and then keeping up with work. Her teachers were awesome in allowing some of her assignments to be due later and assessments the same. These teachers also liaised with me about work that was to be done and emailed us too. My daughter is at a small country high school where each student is treated very personally which really helped. As far as lack of privacy goes I guess I should warn you that all of our nurses agreed that every girl who has had scoliosis surgery in their experience has a period very soon (2 days in my daughter's case) after the surgery whether it is due or not - they don;t know why. So be prepared for that just in case. Your daughter will be so busy trying to cope with the drugs, physio, pain and just basic things we take for granted that I'm pretty sure she will realise that she needs all the help she can get. My daughter was just thankful for all the nurses did for her. My daughter did cheer the first time i let her shower unaided/assisted!
We are now 15 months down the track and you would never know the surgery had even happened. Keep talking to people on this forum - thay are awesome and were my lifeline.
Take care
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