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Originally Posted by Tubefeed View Post
I would love to start a thread for Perth people. In some respects we are unique due to the resource limitations in our State, so we have some stories to share! Hopefully there are positive ones as well as the frustrations.

My story....
I am the mother of a 13 yr old girl. She has been in a brace for over a year, and has an upper thoracic curve of 55+ and a smaller lumbar curve.
We are on the 'waiting list' for surgery, which means we are probably 18 months from our operation.
Some current thoughts/frustrations:
  • my daughter has some serious chafing on her lower back (even though we always wear a singlet underneath - this is the first time she has had a significant skin issue in relation to the brace). we are treating it with antiseptic cream, but it is on the cusp of infection. a GP appointment may be imminent.
  • we had a formal review with our surgeon (well the student doctor anyway!) and the orthotic person, they are going to put some extra padding in the brace, but we have to wait several weeks for this appt!
  • part of me wishes we could have the surgery soon and get rid of the ****** brace, and the other part of me knows the surgery is going to be full on, and that we should not be in any hurry for that either!
I have a load more gripes...but I'll spare you

Would love to 'meet' some of you.

Hi Tubefeed
What brace is your daughter wearing? For that age the SpineCor brace is really worthwhile trying. I am 53 and wore it for 18 months. It helped a little but because of my age will have to resort to surgery.
Have a look on their website with great success stories with no surgery. She is lucky she is so young a lot can be done without surgery. All I can say is research, research, research...
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