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Default Re: What can a parent expect?

Hi MAB, I'm from WA like Eliz. Sophie had surgery nearly one year ago (June 28th ) in Melbourne too because of long wait in WA (you cannot go private here). I am a teacher and I decided that because of the demanding nature of my job (and yours too) I needed to be able to be there 100 per cent of the time for Sophie until she went back to school fulltime. In total I had 7 weeks off school (plus 2 weeks of school holidays in the middle). This was a generous amount of time but it allowed me to be close by when she went back to school part-time and then be immediately available for her first week back fulltime. I work an hour away from her school and so having the time off really helped. I teach early childhood and have to be there 100 percent for the children I teach too so I did not want to try to juggle that. Sophie went back to school part time at 4 weeks post surgery and was back at school fulltime by 6 weeks. It varies though, depending on the extent of their fusions and any complications in their recovery. Sophie had a right thoracic curve of 63 degrees and a T4-T12 fusion. I did not let her catch a bus until 3 months post surgery when she no longer had a brace on. The brace she had was lightweight and able to be worn easily under her uniform. We still limit the weight of her school bag and my husband takes her to school if the bag is too heavy. However, 8 months post surgery she got school swimming champion and interschool runner up and last week won shotput, discus andf javelin in her athletics carnival. Even with the time out from school she got year 10 dux last you will be amazed at how strong and capable they are after such huge surgery. We had excellent support from the teachers at school and all her friends helped her carry things and do things when she returned to school. The time for pre-surgery workup varies but I had 5 days off pre-surgery, 7 days in hospital with her, 1 week in melbourne post surgery and then flew back to WA. The WA surgeon said he would not even like to do surgery in Year 11 and 12 so yes it was great that she had her surgery in Year 10.
This forum will be your lifeline through the surgery and recovery as it has been for so many of us. Like Eliz, I am happy to answer any questions but she can help you more I feel, having a we all know how different males and females are... Take care,
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