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Default Re: Any information would really help?

Hi Kayla1,
My 13 year old daughter was diagnosed when she was 2. It was deemed only slight back then and it wasn't until early last year that we noticed that it had progressed quite a lot.
In August last year her curve was sitting at 34 degrees and we were advised that bracing with a boston brace was the direction to head in. She has had the brace now since October and we are unsure at this time if it has helped slow/stop the curve as she is due to return for another xray in July. When we had the initial consult in a Melbourne clinic we were informed that any curve over 30degrees was generally suitable for bracing. I have no idea what the curve degree for surgery is and am going to ask when we go back.
I am unable to comment too much on the comfort or feelings associated as my daughter has an moderate intellectual disability and is non-verbal for the most part. I do know that she doesn't seem to mind wearing it (provided its not too hot) and that if we regularly change her singlet under it she is more comfortable.
We attend a scoliosis clinic in a Melbourne hospital who have advised us that we need to have xrays every 6months to monitor the curve & every three months for the orthatist to check the brace. It may well be different for each case.
Hope this helps,
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