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Default Re: Any information would really help?

Hi Kayla1. We are in a similar position with our 10 year old daughter. I have scoliosis which was treated/braced as a teenager and later last year I spotted that our younger daughter looked uneven in her hips and alarm bells rang. GP agreed and referred her to a Pediatric Orthopaedic specialist in Melbourne. Initial xrays in November showed the lumbar curve at 22 degrees and the Ortho Dr confirmed scoliosis and we agreed to wait & monitor for 3 months. In the meantime, she had an MRI to rule out anything else causing the scoliosis (specialist contacted me with good results immediately which was great). We saw the Ortho Dr on Monday and the new xrays show the curve now to be 31 degrees. So it isn't stabilising or going away, as he put it! Her curve is T11- L4. So our next step is to have a fully customised Boston style brace made to see if we can slow the progression of the curve as she heads towards some serious growing (she hopes!) and puberty. Ortho Dr is positive about her outlook as she is a skinny minny like me and bracing can be sucessful in her circumstances. As the Ortho Dr and many on this forum have said though, it depends on our daughter wearing the brace and checking it is fitting correctly. Our daughter is feeling very positive about the process at the moment (after initial OMG moments!) mainly as she desperately wants to avoid future surgery if possible. We hope the brace will be ready in about 3 -4 weeks and will go from there. Our daughter sat and read lots of the posts on this fabulous forum which really helped her to realise that she is not the only one in this situation. She will no doubt be posting to see if any other kids out there would like to share stories and support as they go through this. We plan to name the brace "Lizzie" after Jane Austens Elizabeth Bennett in Pride & Prejudice as it does look a bit corset like!! Anything to take the strangeness out of the situation and inject some humour will help! So look out for posts from her about adventures with Lizzie as we go on! Good luck with it all.
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